A Second Installation created as a follow up for the the a group show “Sublime Banalit√©” at Les Prairies de Paris store in Paris.
The Triangle vs. Cube installation is play on perception of space and reality, and the complexion of human communication.
The Installation is composed of a half cube, constructed of mirrors, in the center of which a half a triangle is placed.
Animated white lines, are projected on to the mirrors and reflected upon the half triangle to create a virtual structure.
This structure, as we see it, exists only as a mirrored, kaleidoscopic image.
The Structure assumes a different shape depending on the point of view of it’s audience.

Installation By Lisa Paclet
Music and Sound Design by Mimi Xu

Special Thanks to:
Laetita Ivanez
Cyril Veran
Mimi Xu
Cecile Togni
& Les Prairies de Paris