Music Video for Jean-Michel Jarre & M83 track “Glory” from the album “Electronica 1″ Columbia/Sony Germany

When I listened to “Glory”, I was struck by the lyrics “we could never have it all” that, to me, crystallised a very contemporary feeling of impotence. Jean-Michel Jarre told me he wanted the video to be “dark and sunny,” so I opted for a slightly sardonic take on the concept of “glory.” I wanted to glorify useless action though a series of absurd sports, preformed by athletes that run after unreachable, constantly shifting goals. Their performances are scrutinised by a uniform, stoic, public whose reaction to their efforts is synchronised and coordinated like a well-oiled machine.
As the clip progresses, the athletes subtly rebel against their pointless task though deliberate action of failure, breaking the repetitive cycle to which they are constrained. Their failures reveal a breach of humanity, which ricochets within the public, who in turn reacts in a progressively entropic fashion.

Directed by Lisa Paclet
DOP : Axel Cosnefroy
1st AD : Petr Kadeřábek
Production : Frenzy Paris
Producer : Arthur Cantin & Julie Mathieu
Line producer : Elsa Rodach
Producer CZ : Vlasta Kristl
Line producer CZ : Pavla Prunerova
Set designer : Irena Hradecká
Prop Master : Martin Šimáček
Styling : Tereza Dvorakova
Styling Consulting : Jean-Charline Tomlinson
Extras Coordinator: Tomáš Blažek
1st AC : Petr Braun
2nd AC : Otto Matějka
DIT : Míla Dvořáček
Gaffer : Andy Arnautov
Key Grip : Robert Koděra
Post production : FIRM studio
Editor : Edouard Mailaender
Colorist : Emiliano Serantoni

Rope Girl 1 : Anderová Dominika
Rope Girl 2 : Stychová Kateřina
Runner 1 : Irategeka Kristýna
Runner 2 : Šafránková Tereza
Ballerina : Drozdová Agáta
Archer : Hrneček Ondřej
TV Man : Vašíček Zbyněk
Referee : Vitvar Miloš
Cheerleaders : Chlapková Simona, Kejvalová Barbora, Tesařová Daniela & Ševčiková Šárka